Picture of how to make a fireplace / BBQ out of steel
This is how to make a nice big firebowl for a BBQ really fast in the workshop..
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Step 1: The Bowl

Picture of The Bowl
Get a nice top of a boiler.. (sometimes scrapyards have them lying around).
This time I bought one, was about 100€.
800mm in diameter and 6mm thickness

Step 2: Find the center

Picture of Find the center
Find the exact center and drill a hole, 5mm should do..

Step 3: Draw a circle

Picture of Draw a circle
draw a circle where you think the legs should be attached to the bowl later.
not too far to the outside, a little bit more than half way from the middle looks good.
just stick the drill back in the center hole and use a piece of string as a compass.. easy.

Step 4: Have a coffee..

Picture of Have a coffee..
because now comes the tricky part..

Step 5: Divide

Picture of Divide
divide the circle in three equal segments, 120 degrees,
mark the circle.

Step 6: Length of legs

Picture of Length of legs
determine the lenght of the legs (A to B). This is a good way to do this.
cut three of them, i used 20mm pipe, strong enough.
choose the lenght carefully, so in the end the bowl will be at the right height and look good later on..

Step 7: Weld the legs on

Picture of Weld the legs on
take your time doing this, it has to be as exact as possible..

Step 8: The feet

Picture of The feet
now turn the whole thing around and attach some feet.
usually every metal workshop has some of these discs lying around for some reason..
they will prevent the legs from sinking into the ground later, the whole thing is quite heavy already :)

Step 9: Handles

Picture of Handles
yes, the whole thing is already heavy and will also be very hot when used, so
let's attach some handles.
i used some 30x6 flat steel and some leftover pipe.

but attaching handles like this would make the firebowl very wide, so i came up
with the idea of making them with moveable joints:

Step 10: Handles pt.2

Picture of Handles pt.2
this looks much better i think.
just double the flat metal, drill holes and put bolts through. use washers in between.
then weld to the bowl.
be shure to make some good welds, they will have to carry the whole thing :)
rgill41 year ago
I need to know how to make the tripod grill thing please help!!!!!
Eh Lie Us!1 year ago
Awesome. That must have been an incredible cup of coffee!
hey have u given the thought of putting copper tubing on the bottom to heat water up as well.
Wheatridge1 year ago
That was an magnificent piece of work. I, however, think I will stick with wood in my workshop. I was exhausted just following your progress. Did you know that you can purchase a 22" Webber in the UK for that 140 Euros?
yes but, itill b around 1- 3 mm in thickness vs. 1 cm or so of the boiler. plus u can load the boiler top much more the thin tin u get. plus the heat retention will be higher.
Majornav1 year ago
Great instructable! Recommend insulated handles such as a wood dowel for safety's sake. I would weld threaded receptacle onto the grill for the legs to screw into. Makes it portable and you can replace a bent leg if needed.
hukkitorte (author)  Majornav1 year ago
good idea to make it more portable! insulated handles also..
but those legs won't bend that easily ;)
yavid1 year ago
Awesome. I'd like to see more pics of that welding table too! Did you build that?
hukkitorte (author)  yavid1 year ago
thx! no, the welding table is not selfmade. worked for years now with a regular self-built table but my usual job requires much more precision so this is the weapon of choice:
there`s no better table. :)

Korvinst yavid1 year ago
That welding table and its tools would worth an instructable. Especially if it was made by you
Could you imagine drilling all of those holes though!
static1 year ago
Msny build "fire pit" by using damaged beyond repair disks fro farm one ways or disk harrows. This project here is a good idea to file into one's mind...
chuckyd1 year ago
Be sure to thoroughly clean the bowl. There is no telling what has been in an industrial bolier, so be careful. Scrubbing with an acid, then a base, and then several rinses should do it.
I love the way it looks - great work!
hukkitorte (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago
EmcySquare1 year ago
so nice !!