fist is very useful when you want to express anger or defend yourself

Step 1: Choose One Hand

if you are a right-handed person, it is recommended to use your right hand. if you don't have any hands, you can borrow one from a trusted friend

Step 2: Do Like If You Were Grabbing Something

this is the most important and dangerous step, be careful not to have already something too big in your hand otherwise you could detroy it or harm yourself.

Step 3:

Haha! Lol! Nice tutorial!!!
I'm getting more of a 'claw' than a fist.. Am<br>I missing something?
You should enter this into a contest!
<p>Well at least the photographs are in focus</p>
<p>Well at least the photographs are in focus</p>
Yeay! I can do it!
<p>What's step 3?</p>
love these kind of tutorials

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