How to Make a Flip Book





Introduction: How to Make a Flip Book

this is a cool thing to do when your bored and want to draw something that can move (unless your magical, like me)

you will need:
post it notes
a pencil or pen
and some free time (15 minutes)

Step 1: Drawing

OK start by flipping to the back of the post its

start drawing (not to complex)

flip one page make another one a little different (if a person make him move)

keep going until the post it pad is done

when doing this remember be creative you can do what ever you want

in flip books you are GOD

Step 2: Fun

now that you finished flip through and watch your drawings come to life



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    Got tons of these stikeh notes. Gonna make some!

    Flips books have been around for a very long time but Postit pads are relatively new, you have a nice idea to combine these two and bring to mind a great “art form” too.

    I bet there are even Instructables showing how to make your own paper pads making this even less expensive and more fun. Thanks for this...

    I hope you don’t mind but I used your pictures to make a little animation showing it in action. Click on the picture to see it in action.


    I did this 39 years ago

    This is kwl im gonna try it