Picture of how to make a flying rock
Hi everyone, today im going to teach you how to make a flying rock/projectile/thing out of stuff you can find around your house or near your house.this is my first instructable so go easy on me please ^_^ .oh and DONT THROW THIS AT ANIMALS OR PEOPLE or other peoples stuff because it can hurt and break stuff. mmk lets get started!!

Step 1: Stuff you will need

Picture of Stuff you will need

An generally big ovalish shaped rock. (this can vary but this shape seems to work best)

duct tape (some of my favorite stuff!!!)

and some string. (Nylon if you have a choice, it doesnt flay as easily)

willyg123 (author) 4 years ago
throw a rock with your hands as far as you can fling one with this thing then come back and tell me how it went....
urtlesquirt4 years ago
we all know how to throw rocks fool
CaseyCase5 years ago
I am thinking "slungshot"
Kiteman5 years ago
So... it's a rock on a string?

Or a one-shot sling?
It kind of reminds me of a conker on a string, only more gutsy to play with. :-P
willyg123 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
haha kind of both :)
Kozz5 years ago
Ah, you've reinvented the single-head meteor hammer.

That's not meant as a cut -- just enlightenment that you've sort of reinvented a very ancient kind of weapon, which is kinda cool.