Picture of how to make a funnelator(easy)
this can shoot tennis balls/anything else 100m ish
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
1)duct tape$4
2)a funnel-$3
3)surgical tubing- 6ft of it- usually around $5

TOTAL- $12ish

Step 2: Intsructions

Picture of intsructions
Photo 27.jpg
just look at the picture- its pretty self explanatory- but if u cant figure it out-
1)tie tube in a knot
2)attach funnel(use a lot of duct tape- just so it dosent break
3)HAVE FUN!!!!!!
4)do NOT aim at people, animals, of babies- they HURT

Step 3: How to use

Picture of how to use
2 ppl hold either end of the funnelator and 1 person pulls back the loaded funnel(far) and releases
Itscrafty4 years ago
That's awesome.
t8rt0t (author) 6 years ago
please comment if u liked this or not!!!!!