How to Make a Funny Face


Introduction: How to Make a Funny Face

Do you want to make a goofe face .If yes you should look at these rules . LETS START

Step 1: Gather Materials

1) your face

Step 2: How to Make

1) you are going to make a werid looking smile

2) now you are going to cross your eye bolls

Step 3: Conclusion

I hoped you had fun make a funny face. Next time you could show your friends.



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    Better way to make funny faces is to use these face mats

    These face mats can be clipped to your nose and it can change face expression in forty different ways.

    wow how you do that its funny can you give me some advise so that i can do it too

    I guess pretty good...... I've seen some really, REALLY bad "funny" faces before, so good job

    you guys should go see How to draw a funny girls head!