How to make a glitch elevator in minecraft pe!

Picture of how to make a glitch elevator in minecraft pe!
this is a very simple instructable in minecraft works in survival and creative. xxANNOUNCEMENTxx once i get 50 followers i will do a special instructable!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
door and stone

Step 2:

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make a wall with a door in the middle.

Step 3:

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add a giant stick as high as you want

Step 4:

Picture of
make a platform so you dont fall off

Step 5:

Picture of
take a break and kill a giant pig

Step 6: Very important!

Picture of very important!
go in and close the door inside you like in the picture

Step 7:

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get out of the world and go back in

Step 8: Signs say it all

Picture of signs say it all
13, 12:10 PM.jpg

this works to my great surprise it works!

Legoblakops575 months ago
Love giant pig. Actually works!!!
Well it does work it just does not make you spawn at the top
Babyseal1235 months ago
Destroyed a giant pig!
"Destroy a giant pig". LOL
Instrustables7 months ago
Haha your troll
ill try it
funnyfun342 (author) 7 months ago
did you close the door in yourself?
iamKENZiE7 months ago
This doesn't work

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