How to make a pro quality glow plug lead wire for your flame shooter or rc car

Picture of how to make a pro quality glow plug lead wire for your flame shooter or rc car
a quick way to make a professional looking lead wire to attach to a glow plug. replaces the butt splice on Kipkay's design, or your rc car's damaged lead wire.

for those making the fireball shooter, keep reading at the end for a little bit of inside glow plug information.

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Step 1: First things first

Picture of first things first
first of all, thank you very much to MAKE magazine (http://www.makezine.com/) and Kipkay (http://www.instructables.com/member/Kipkay/) for the original versions of the flame shooter instructable.

i am not redoing Kipkay's instructable, but merely taking the open-source horse by the reigns and going to town. i've got a quick upgrade and some information that might help with glow plugs. hope you enjoy.

now go get this stuff:
some stiff bus wire (around 22g)
some hookup wire (whatever gauge you want)
a small bolt slightly smaller than your glow plug's lead
heat shrink tubing

Step 2: Wind your coil

Picture of wind your coil
pull about two inches of the bus wire out without cutting it off. begin winding it tightly around the bolt as shown in the pictures. once it is approximately 1/8" to 3/16" you can remove the bolt. if you've done this correctly, it will be too tight to simply pull it off. grab a screwdriver or whatever is applicable and unscrew it. this is a good thing. if your coil doesn't hold tightly, you need stiffer wire.

if you are making a lead wire for your rc car, continue the coil until you have about a 3/4" coil.

Step 3: Cut the cord

Picture of cut the cord
take a nice sharp pair of snips and cut off the umbilical cord to the mother coil. do it at a nice angle toward the coil so as to leave no sharp corners and cut in a spot that is contiguous with the coil. we don't want anything sticking out.

for an rc car lead wire, just snip the coil at both ends in the same fashion. make sure you remove the screw before you snip the wires. skip step 4

I will definitely try this!

I can't figure out where the second wire goes? My meter tells me the whole plug is one piece of connected metal. Can anyone help? Also, am I totally off in thinking that I will be able to use a glow plug as an ignitor for a butane effect?

pdub77 (author)  cloverstreet3 years ago
One side is the threaded area. The other is the plug at the end. It registers as one piece because it is. The connection is some nichrome wire that heats up when a current is passed through it. As for lighting butane, I would think it could work, but your best bet would be to have the butane flowing through the wire as it glows red hot and I don't see how you could do that with a glow plug. You may be able to get it to light by passing the butane across it, but I don't know. If it doesn't work, just get yourself some nichrome wire and make your own little coil that you can pass the butane through. Hope this helps.
blauth5 years ago
Muito bom, bastante prático.
pdub77 (author)  blauth4 years ago
Obrigado e que Deus abençoe!
its help me to start my rc nitro car.............but can you make another HOME MADE glow plug for rc nitro cars only...........like glow plug starter as shown in picture.......i think i will be good for all rc lover and they will be thank full to you
very help full thanks :)
pdub77 (author)  smartboy03325 years ago
That's what it's all about, my friend.
matstermind5 years ago
i can't find the flame shooter. could you post a link?
pdub77 (author)  matstermind5 years ago
just a question, but would a flourescent starter work for this? i got one thinking that it was like a grill starter and discovered otherwise.
pdub77 (author)  mettaurlover5 years ago
I don't know much about fluorescent lights. I really have no idea. Sorry.
mattccc6 years ago
will you post a video of that flame shooter working
pdub77 (author)  mattccc5 years ago
Look up Kipkay on youtube or instructables for his videos of the shooter in action.
I did this but i couldn't find a way to put the glow plug on with out a wrench u cant put it on tight enough (experience speaking) Any ideas on how to resolve this problem?
blah, my gas RC died, i think it needs a new carb, intake, filter, gas tank, and front drive shaft U-joints... Wrecked it too many times.
pdub77 (author)  Yerboogieman6 years ago
anything on it not broken? ; )
Rims. and exhaust, and i think the block is good.
no point in putting the plastic body on for it is very wrecked, but the steel plates i put on kept it pretty sturdy.
vIDo6 years ago
I have to make one of those clips.. for my little steampunk(ish) hand gun over here.. I used on of the RC plugs and I was able to screw it right in to some 8mm aluminum piping... then added some bigger piping I had laying around just for looks..
pdub77 (author)  vIDo6 years ago
nice, bro! thanks for the pic. hope it works for you.
twenglish16 years ago
pretty cool better than the ones that come with rc cars
pdub77 (author)  twenglish16 years ago
thanks so much! the store bought harnesses are not that expensive, but if you can do it yourself, you're a step ahead.