How to Make a Glow Staff




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Introduction: How to Make a Glow Staff

This is really easy to make and cheap

Step 1: How to Make a Glow Staff

first buy plastic tubbing (1 meter)

Step 2: How to Make a Glow Staff

then buy glow staicks (any colour) and then attach them to the plastic tub

glow stick ================= glow stick
plastic tubbing

Step 3: How to Make Glow Staff

then snap to make glow and have fun



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    I have to applaud your efforts and taking the time to post up a guide. However, you should try a little more content / details on the steps.

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    u tape glowsticks on the end of a stick, what detail is there

    well, you know, there are different types of taping styles, like cuting, ripping, burning(tetranitrate) making it split with your mind(kiteman....) and so on..... lol, i like this ible!

    Plus, of course, a simple statement to the effect that if you tape the WHOLE glowstick on, you'll have a devil of a time snapping it...

    you can make glowing nunchucks

    that both seems pointless and dangerous, but i have to admit, i tried just taping them to a stick and it does make it a heluva lot easier.

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    cool idea but i have a couple things id do different....

    2 replies

    tell us what you'd do.

    id just atach throwies to either end

    It's so nice that you approve of your own Instructable!

    My problem is that your instructable is mysteriously short on any Instructions! It's a cute picture. It would be nice to SHOW how you made it... Plastic tubing does not an Instrucable make.

    my guess is split personality

    No, the man's mad.. -- look at the username :O.

    he wasnt comlementing himself. he was talking to spinach_dip