Introduction: How to Make a Good Survival Kit

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a good survival kit needs about five things,knife,first aid,fire,flashlight and rope

Step 1: Essentials

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Its always good to have a good knife on you . I'm home schooled so I carry one all the time. When ever your hiking it's smart to have at least ten to twenty feet of rope or paracord. Monkey fists are good to have  for self-defence.

Step 2: First Aid and Fire

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Another must in a survival kit is maches or a lighter. First aid is good to have anywhere,however, it is better to more than just bandages too . A small flashlight is essential to a survival kit also. A nine volt is also good to have because if you have steel wool you can short the battery to make a spark.

Step 3: Food and Contact

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If you don't have a stove like this one,I found mine at my local army  surplus store. It's good for cooking in small pans and you can also buy starter tablets for it. it's also good to have contact but a phone is not a must-have.


Mattakers (author)2014-02-02

Also, in this kit you can cook food, but you can't catch it. Maybe add fishing supplies and snare wire.

Mattakers (author)2014-01-21

You need shelter, buy a tube tent. You also need water, maybe a life straw or water purification tablets.

ccgeek (author)Mattakers2014-01-31

good idea

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