I will teach you to make a night vision for gopro!
not have much range because I have not removed the lens IR,but if you take it off get a fabulous result
you need:

-empty pellet box
-12v batery
-tamiya conector
-infrarred led pack(from security cam or internet)
-2 small screws
-plastic bag

Step 1:

make a circle in to a pellet box, where will introduce the objective of the camera
also do the hole for the connector
<p>Not that easy, bro. For shooting night videos with IR LEDs you have to replace entire lens :)</p>
<p>just buy a gopro to 37mm adapter they get an 37mm ir pass filter</p>
<p>and how does it work? I would love to see some pictures!</p>
I wonder if it is possible to power the infrared LED's off of a product like the BacPac? These would be lower voltage however and wouldn't have the max illumination.
could be done, but the problem is that the voltage would be too low to make them work, also discharge the battery very fast

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