Picture of how to make a halo magnum
with halo reach out and halloween around the corner you may want to be a spartan, but what is a spartan with out his guns. this instructable will show you how to make a prop gun and though i made a magnum im sure you could apply this same consept to make almost any prop gun

Step 1: What you'll need

Picture of what you'll need

foam board
hot glue gun
exacto knife or another cutting object
pencil or pen
white glue
electrical tape
sand paper
paint brush
 the computer you are using
and a printer

shadowop55511 months ago


om nom nom. eating the foam.
Wow! i didn't know it was possible to turn foam into a tin?
vtheawesome4 years ago
can you post the pictrure you used i cant find it :(
ibayibay14 years ago
love the end warning: YOULL GET SHOT BY A REAL GUN lol
TFElite4 years ago
This looks nice! If I end up doing this, the only thing I'm probably going to do is add a bit more detail. Nice work, man!