Introduction: How to Make a Hamster Treat or Dumpling ( and for Other Rodent Pets)

this a simple instructables that teach you how to make a hamster treat or dumpling just with a :
_and some treat  (i used chips because my hamster like it :D)
You can make a bigger one for a guinea pig , rabbits ......


kylekosan23 (author)2011-07-06

is that someone snoreing in the backround???

19charbel96 (author)kylekosan232011-08-24

omg, i don't remenber what it was cause this video is about 4 years old , but i think thats maybe my brother trying to be funny by making funny noises or maybe he was really sleeping :P sorry i don't remenber
btw thanks for watching!! :-)

kylekosan23 (author)19charbel962011-08-24

haha k

clhfireman (author)2010-08-07

very cool instructables !!!! my hamster love it :) i'm enjoying my hamster opening it :D:D:D!!! PS: isn't a big cage for a small hamster ? ; )

19charbel96 (author)clhfireman2010-08-07

10xx for watching and rating!!!! :-D . it makes me feel good when watching such nice comment for my fist instructable !! :-) . hahaha i know that the cage is big for a small hamster. i make it myself by connecting two cage and the result : A HUGE HAMSTER CAGE where the hamster can run and do a lot of exercices :-D

RandomTeeVee (author)2010-08-02

i like this but not as a treat i prefer giving a bisquit or yogurt drop. but this is GREAT for when your gone like drop this dumpling in the cage before school and when your at school your hamster has something to do :)))

19charbel96 (author)RandomTeeVee2010-08-03

yah!!! that's what i mean to!!! :D 10x for watching :) and you can enjoy watching him opening it !!! :)

karossii (author)2010-07-23

When I saw hamster dumpling the first thing that came to mind was... "Wouldn't that be something the hamster made?"

19charbel96 (author)karossii2010-07-24

HAMSTER DUMPLING : a hamster toy which contains treats . If you have saw hamster dumpling that mean that you have saw hamster treat ?! and in the video, you can see the hamster enjoying his treat in a litte toy! anw 10x for watching! :-)

karossii (author)19charbel962010-07-24

It was somewhat tongue in cheek; or a joke... but honestly, when I first saw the title of your video the first thing that came to mind was a hamster turd being called a 'dumpling'... While I immediately knew what you really meant, the mental image stayed... and was funny enough I thought I would share!

19charbel96 (author)karossii2010-07-29

after thinking , you are right. i have to change the title(this is the best title that i was thinking of it at 2:00 am :-P) 10xx for the note :-) !!!!!

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