this will show you how to do a homemade ON/OFF switch with stuff ou can find around the house from little to no cost to you

Step 1: Get All the Materials Needed

Give a general description of the Stepok so this will be very cheap...

- 2 paper fastners
- 1 paperclip (preferably small)

- 1 sheet of paper (not too big,all you need is 3 cm x 1 cm) -> you can get something harder,like cardboard so the switch doesn't break like mine did the first time

- a battery (i used a 9v because that was easier for me.you can use a 3v cell battery,whatever)
<p>It is the best switch with very good explanations.</p><p>It was very explainatory for me. 0 0</p><p> !</p><p> ___</p>
<p>TBH, this wasn't very explanatory for me...</p>
Will this work in a large circuit (five switches, one led)?
what did you use to test the switch.. I mean the wires connected to the battery. Is that just a flattened out paper clip?
This is a really nice switch. Need to do an project with a homemade switch. Thanks a lot! :)
Did this for a speaker with push pins, a paperclip, a piece of cardboard and a little bit of solder, worked like a charm. Thanks! :)
ummmm actually they're split pins (in england they are at least) <br>hope this helps <br>x
This is a really nice switch. It is simple, but effective. I have a litte motor, now I can install it on a car or something. Thanx.
i cant tell how the paperclip goes and i those arent thumbtacks but this is a great idea
-i know the're not thumbtacks,i didn't know the name of it so i put something that looks like it -you open the side a little bit,put it under the large part of the (thumbtack?) and you close it so it doesn't come off -i will also put a pic or 2 on how the paperclip goes on it so you can understand -check my other instructable,ask questions if you need,and rate it thanks - Alex
They're called brads.
thank YOU!
Needless to say (I hope) don't try this with mains voltage ;¬)
I know I shouln'd but the 9v battery was easier because both the ends were in front so I didn't have to use a battery holder or something rate my Instructable please? thanks - Alex

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