Picture of how to make a homemade ON/OFF switch
this will show you how to do a homemade ON/OFF switch with stuff ou can find around the house from little to no cost to you
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Step 1: Get all the materials needed

Picture of get all the materials needed
Give a general description of the Stepok so this will be very cheap...

- 2 paper fastners
- 1 paperclip (preferably small)

- 1 sheet of paper (not too big,all you need is 3 cm x 1 cm) -> you can get something harder,like cardboard so the switch doesn't break like mine did the first time

- a battery (i used a 9v because that was easier for can use a 3v cell battery,whatever)

Step 2: Get all the tool[s] needed

Picture of get all the tool[s] needed
so all you need is an xacto knife or some scissors...

Step 3: The board

Picture of the board
cut out a piece of paper ~3cm x 1cm

Step 4: Make some holes

Picture of make some holes
make some holes (2) big enough for your thumbtacks or something

Step 5: The 2 pins

Picture of the 2 pins
put the thumbtacks as i did in the pic (or try to)

Step 6: The thing that connects the 2 pins together

Picture of the thing that connects the 2 pins together
ok so now place the paperclip as i did in pic (open it a little bit and then close it)

Step 7: Test it!

Picture of test it!
in the 1st pic,the paperclip touched only 1 thumbtack which touched the LED
the other thumbtack touched a metal bar which was connected to the battery

because the paperclip touched only 1 thumbtack ,it wouln'd allow the electricity to traver trough it to the LED

in the 2nd pic,the paperclip touched both thumbtacks which allowed the electricity to traver trough it and get to the LED

Step 8: Finished

Picture of finished
well you are finished

enjoy your homemade ON/OFF switch!

check my other instructable

Step 9: Questions

any question,comments,ideas on how to make it better?

post them here!

please rate my instructable.
sthomas541 year ago
Will this work in a large circuit (five switches, one led)?
daisyc221 year ago
what did you use to test the switch.. I mean the wires connected to the battery. Is that just a flattened out paper clip?
saniao991 year ago
This is a really nice switch. Need to do an project with a homemade switch. Thanks a lot! :)
dale3h2 years ago
Did this for a speaker with push pins, a paperclip, a piece of cardboard and a little bit of solder, worked like a charm. Thanks! :)
JANEBOND0072 years ago
ummmm actually they're split pins (in england they are at least)
hope this helps
This is a really nice switch. It is simple, but effective. I have a litte motor, now I can install it on a car or something. Thanx.
i cant tell how the paperclip goes and i those arent thumbtacks but this is a great idea
coolrobot (author)  imthatguy11255 years ago
-i know the're not thumbtacks,i didn't know the name of it so i put something that looks like it -you open the side a little bit,put it under the large part of the (thumbtack?) and you close it so it doesn't come off -i will also put a pic or 2 on how the paperclip goes on it so you can understand -check my other instructable,ask questions if you need,and rate it thanks - Alex
They're called brads.
coolrobot (author)  yankleshark5 years ago
thank YOU!
AndyGadget5 years ago
Needless to say (I hope) don't try this with mains voltage ;¬)
coolrobot (author)  AndyGadget5 years ago
I know I shouln'd but the 9v battery was easier because both the ends were in front so I didn't have to use a battery holder or something rate my Instructable please? thanks - Alex