Picture of how to make a hovercraft (EASY)

i made this instructable because there are many hovercraft instructions out there but none are specific! so i took the liberty of building one and provided this instructable. it goes about 2" above the ground and costs only $50 to build. EASY!!!!!

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
1. 1/4" thick 36" wood circle or bigger
2. plastic sheeting at least 4ml (thicker is better)
3. 2 1/2" hole saw
4. duct tape
5. electric blower at least 120mph (I used a homelite two speed $30 at home depot
6. a small bolt and nut with washers

      the price altogether was $48.50 all at home depot

Step 2: Cut the wood

Picture of cut the wood
cut the wood to a 36" circle. to mark the circle i drilled a hole in the center then i took a yard stick and taped a marker to the 18" mark and a pencil to the end. and used it like a compass. then i cut along the line with a jig saw.

Step 3: Drill the hole

Picture of drill the hole
take the 2 1/2" hole saw and drill a hole about 1 foot from the center to attach the blower using duct tape.


Picture of DUCT TAPE TIME!
now here is the exciting part... you need to cut some plastic sheeting to fit the wood. and then you need to staple it to hold it and duct tape it to seal it. TAKE YOUR TIME!

Step 5: Put it together

Picture of put it together

now you need to cut some holes around the center of the plastic about as big as a bottle cap. and tape everything together plug in the blower a ta da !!!! your done to get it off the ground you need to wiggle alot and it should hold it took me a couple times and i broke it many times but until you get the hang of it watch out!

bobohihi2 years ago
would it work with a cordless leaf blower?
donovanl125 years ago
thank you harrison! I watched you build this haha. Quick note is to make sure the plastic is duct taped securley. it took a while to get it. and i got to see it work and it actually works great you can go down a driveway. it would work even better if you brought it to an ice skating rink.
Bongmaster5 years ago
you kinda need more thna 3 pictures ;)
BIGHAIRYDUDE (author)  Bongmaster5 years ago
i know i just didn't have that much time.