Picture of how to make a hovercraft (EASY)

i made this instructable because there are many hovercraft instructions out there but none are specific! so i took the liberty of building one and provided this instructable. it goes about 2" above the ground and costs only $50 to build. EASY!!!!!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
1. 1/4" thick 36" wood circle or bigger
2. plastic sheeting at least 4ml (thicker is better)
3. 2 1/2" hole saw
4. duct tape
5. electric blower at least 120mph (I used a homelite two speed $30 at home depot
6. a small bolt and nut with washers

      the price altogether was $48.50 all at home depot
bobohihi2 years ago
would it work with a cordless leaf blower?
donovanl125 years ago
thank you harrison! I watched you build this haha. Quick note is to make sure the plastic is duct taped securley. it took a while to get it. and i got to see it work and it actually works great you can go down a driveway. it would work even better if you brought it to an ice skating rink.
Bongmaster5 years ago
you kinda need more thna 3 pictures ;)
BIGHAIRYDUDE (author)  Bongmaster5 years ago
i know i just didn't have that much time.