welcome im going to show you how to make a inverted fishtail bracelet using a loom. Enjoy

Step 1: Materials

you will need
a hook
a loom
22 blacks (optional)
22 whites (optional)
a S or C clip

Step 2: Beginning the Braclet

Make an eight shape band with you fingers. put it on 2 pegs of your loom (picture shows) put on a differnt colour of your choice(im using white) and then the colour of your bottom band (im using black)

Step 3: Starting

push the muddle band out and grab the bottom band put it over the top of all the bands continue adding bands and you will see the braclet grow.

Step 4: Fishing

when the braclet is at your ideal length pull the second band over the top then pull one side of the band over the top of the other half and pull off attach the end to you clip and you have a finshed braclet!!

follow :D
<p>It looks like you could use a photographer for those hand shots! Your macro photos of the loom itself are great, but things get blurry otherwise. Welcome to the constant problem for Instructable authors: how to photograph one-handed. (I suggest using or rigging a tripod of some kind. It is cheaper and faster to grab a friend, though.)</p><p>Looks good most of the way through. :D</p>
it is quite difficult ill be editing it soon so it looks better<br>Thanks for your cpmment though! :D

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