if you own a wii or a nintendo 3DS you can make miis on them. i made a mii based on a creepypasta called jeff the killer. and heres the tutorial!

Step 1: Face

select the following in the pictures.

Step 2: Hair

go to the second page and choose the middle bottom as shown an make it black

Step 3: Eyebrows(smile)

make the eyebrows red press the enlarge button once and adjust as shown in the picture

Step 4: Eyes

go to the last page and select the wide open eyes shrink them once put them up once and put them closer once

Step 5: Nose

choose the two dot nose shrink it once and put it as high as you can

Step 6: Mouth

choose the 6th lip and put it inbeetween the eyebrows. then enlarge once

Step 7: Thanks

thanks for looking at my instructable please like and comment. up next is the infamous text emotion lenny face!
<p>it did look awesome</p>
<p>Lol nice</p>

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