Picture of how to make a journal
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This journal is really fun to make and the results are great.
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Step 1: Video

this video really explains it all.
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Step 2: Gathering your supplies

Picture of gathering your supplies
Youll need:

Two Photographs printed at 4? or larger
50-75 sheets of paper (same size as your photos)
White glue (or Elmers Glue)
A Brush
Two clothespins, binder clips, or pegs
A small sheet of construction paper or craft paper (for the spine)
Wax paper

Step 3: Improvising

Picture of improvising
Sometimes we don't always have what the project calls for so, this step is all about improvising.
For example, I didn't have any pictures I wanted to up so, I printed out a picture off of the internet, and gave it a cardstock backing.
Instead of clothespins I used magnetic clips we had on our fridge.
Plus I used aluminum foil instead of the wax paper.

Step 4:

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lmuli35 years ago
no video where is it
J@50n lmuli35 years ago

is the link then scroll for the move at the bottom of the page
gmjhowe6 years ago
The video is not compatible with this site, i suggest uploaded it to youtube.

Also, this is not enough material for a full instructable, you would be much better using the video function to show off your work!

Any questions, I'm more than happy to help out!