this isnt really an instructable but it is incredibly cool. you get your gaming joystick, download some software and, voila you have a joystick as a mouse!

Step 1: Whot Ta Do

ok so, go to, http://electracode.com/4/joy2key/JoyToKey%20English%20Version.htm and download the software, its clean dont worry. the interface is self explanatory but, just to be sure.....
extract the files from the zip download. open joy key.exe, create a configuration. set the left right and up down axies to MOUSE: 50 or 60. any more and it moves to fast, any less and it is painstakingly slow. I set the other buttons to left and right click, ctrl, space, enter and pg up, pg down. i have found these the most useful.

I use the stick for games that arent configured to joysticks (save a configuration for the game under the games name) I use it for browsing the web because you dont need to type that much and for lots more stuff that is cool to do on a stick rather than a touch pad or mouse. 

Enjoy your new toy!!!!!!
<p>Chrome identifies this as an attack website but there is enough info to tell you what it's trying for. If you have a 32bit system find Xpadder. It's the best. For the rest of us we need JoyToKey which can be found at Cnet.download.com ( safe website). Enjoy.</p>
<p>chrome let me go to the page either because of Malware so i scanned my computer it found 4 threats! man this is not the site to go not instructableds i love instructables the dumb website</p>
<p>chrome wont let me to to page becuase it contains malware.</p>
<p>the website link is categorized as an attack page and the software has a virus</p>
<p>This Worked out Amazing thanks so much Seeing as yesterday I bought a JOystick a a used store for<strong> 5</strong> <strong>Dollars Awee yea any way thanks for evrytihng </strong></p>
so does the curser move good it doesn't glitch out
You can use the joystick to move your friend's cursor as a prank.
I love this program. It is so fun and helpful.
Thanks a lot.<br>This idea is very good for me.

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