Introduction: How to Make a K'nex Knife Holder

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final product

Step 1: Collect These Bits

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8×blue washers
4×grey washers
4×blue clips
4×grey connecters
4×grey rods
2×yellow rods
10×red connecters
4×brown clips
2×white rods
8×blue rods

Step 2: Sides

Picture of Sides

make these and slide grey bits on

Step 3: Pocket Clips

Picture of Pocket Clips

make these

Step 4: Choose

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choose where to clip the bits in place

Step 5: Clip

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clip in these bits and add grey and blue spacers

Step 6: Bottom

Picture of Bottom

clip in the white bits and add spacers

Step 7: Front

Picture of Front

clip the other side side in

Step 8: Attach

Picture of Attach

attach pocket clips and washers

Step 9: Slide

Picture of Slide

slide the left over washers onto the supports


hunter999 (author)2014-03-30

Very cool!

knex slinger (author)hunter9992014-03-31

thank you

sandroknexmaster (author)2014-03-31


thanks :)

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