Picture of how to make a knex robot

This is a cool robot I made. It turns, moves its legs, and can bend its arms. Please rate 5* I hope you like the instructable. Here is a pic of what the robot looks like.

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Step 1: The legs

This is the part for the legs.

Step 2: The base

This is where the body and legs will connect.This is a simple step to make.

Step 3: The body

This is the body of the robot.

Step 4: Connecting the body to the base and the legs

Picture of Connecting the body to the base and the legs
This is how to connect the body  to the base. Then connect the legs on it to complete this step.

Step 5: Making the arms

This is how to make the arms for the robot. After picture 5766 do the same on the other side.Ii dont know why but it wont show the other two pictures of both side. Sorry :(

Step 6: The rocket things

Picture of The rocket things
These are like rocket launchers.
I used to have this set when i was 5. I got it at the thrift store for $1. On amazon now its $124. WOW was I lucky or what?!?!?
similar to avatar robot ... its awesome
Its in the same set as the avatar. He did not come up with the idea =(
jaberwaukee2 years ago
can you turn it into a car because it woled become a transfomer and everyone will love it by
TigerNod3 years ago

This thing makes my own knex robot look like a piece of scrap...
awesome sauce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5*s
This thing is so cool!!!
crestind4 years ago
This K'nex set was actually quite fun. It's a shame they discontinued it.
osi crestind4 years ago
I know... I remember making this robot along with the Saturn V rocket set and then having the robot attack the launch site :p
fries123 (author) 4 years ago
This was a set they discoutinued. I made the ible for people who wanted to make it.
osi fries1234 years ago
Ah fair enough...
osi4 years ago
This wasn't from those robot series k'nex came out with about 15 years ago, was it? I have one of those sets and I swear it looks identical...
fries123 (author) 4 years ago
~KGB~4 years ago
looks epik.