Step 3: The Body

This is the body of the robot.
<p>too many pieces for me</p>
<p>epic </p>
<p>my robots look like humans, this</p><p>EPIC!!</p>
I used to have this set when i was 5. I got it at the thrift store for $1. On amazon now its $124. WOW was I lucky or what?!?!?
similar to avatar robot ... its awesome
Its in the same set as the avatar. He did not come up with the idea =(
can you turn it into a car because it woled become a transfomer and everyone will love it by<br>
^_^<br><br>This thing makes my own knex robot look like a piece of scrap...
awesome sauce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5*s
This thing is so cool!!!
This K'nex set was actually quite fun. It's a shame they discontinued it.
I know... I remember making this robot along with the Saturn V rocket set and then having the robot attack the launch site :p
This was a set they discoutinued. I made the ible for people who wanted to make it.
Ah fair enough...
This wasn't from those robot series k'nex came out with about 15 years ago, was it? I have one of those sets and I swear it looks identical...
Thanks <br>
looks epik.

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Bio: I love to build with knex. I always am buying them or building with them.
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