all u will need is a box of k'nex and about 3-6 rubber bands.

really i accidentally made the trigger but so i wanted to share it with all of u.

it is not to bad to make but it can be hard at some parts

Step 1: How to Make the "barrel"

take an orange connector then put a white rod in the center of it then put a white rod in the center two yellow connectors then take the orange connector and connect it like in the first pic and then take another white rod and attach it like in the second pic and then attach two gray rods like in the third pic.
And another thing, use proper English! Maybe something called grammar also!
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No, I am not happy and won't be until you have fixed it!
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Well, I don't see why you cannot grasp simple grammar!
i will not and just to tell u that gun the lever action one is frikin ugly and so i must say stop being a hater and i did the instructable and so i did not check grammar or spelling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I said so myself in the 'Ible, If you would care to read rather than look at the pretty pictures! I, am not a hater. I, am trying to stop the credit of K'nex on this site going to the dogs! This hardly helps!
i just wanna tell u that i dont really like my design i just got bored one noght and made it took pics then made an instructable

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