all you need to know to make swords

Step 1: Handle

you can use a handle whice can fuse with the blade i prefare the samurai sword

Step 2: Blade

one whice can combine with the handle idont like the katanas blade
<p>its a knife</p>
My master sword will own all... you cannot break it!
I built urs and attacked a tree stump =) it kinda broke in half...<br/>
you built the master sword?
yeah it does that...
My master sword will own all... you cannot break it! lol
my kitchen knife pwns all (except the stake knife and the butter knife of doom)
well my new kokiri sword is truly unbreakable but it is more like a kokiri dagger lol
bring it to me i can find a way to break anything
<strong>it doesnt own my ashbringer! never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111</strong><br/>
&nbsp; It&nbsp;aint&nbsp;gonna&nbsp;own my Infinitum Blade either!!!
show me pic?
i just made the master sword at thr top i used flexi rods
I didnt have flexis when I made this...but they kid of mess up the attack power becase they bend
this looks like a knife <br>
i will own u
No comment First comment woohoo (0.0)
<strong>WHY THE HELL IS ANYONE HAPPY WITH 1ST COMMENT!!!!!!!!??????!!!!111</strong><br/>
I don't know. I was making fun of all those who do say 'FIREDSLEOP JGWV WEF SDFE SEF DFIRST COMMENT!!!@## EGRKL: EJHGW!'
what do you want?lol
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/knex_swords_i_built_because_im_insanely_board/">take a look at my swords</a><br/>
i know al about the "be nice" policy but yeah this thing stinks
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Flexable-knex-sword/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Flexable-knex-sword/</a> ;D<br/><br/>This sword is fun to make music with and whip stuff i broke a soda can like tore it open with my sword.. it took me forever to sharpen all the blues!~<br/>
ma knex sword weapon typhone will obliterate that thing.
arrowshot slow down
i wish i show u guys my non breakable knife and duel knifes and semibreakable dual swords and non breakable double sided katana / bow...(deep breath in)and sword handlebut my computer doesnt allow mclad
its like a stub on a handel....lol
Not quite a sword, it could be a dagger or a throwing knife.
whele daniel, like your swords are beeter, their weak their too big and ITS BREAKABLE LIKE A TWIG, LIKE A DRIED UP LEEF
this isn't any stronger than any of my swords.
yeah... a sword
This thing stinks.

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