today i will show you how to make a wheat farm hidden base! please check out my other instructables! also, dont forget to follow,favorite,share or comment!

Step 1: Materials:

dirt,ladder,water,wheat seeds,hoe,and bonemeal!

Step 2: This Is the Finished Model

the ladders stop the water from dropping, making an air bubble inside!

Step 3:

dig a 2 by 2 hole 3 blocks deep

Step 4:

add ladders to 2 facing walls of your choice.

Step 5:

add water and hoe the surrounding dirt.

Step 6:

put down seeds on each hoed block

Step 7:

grow them with the bonemeal.

Step 8: Inside Look

to get in, simply sink into the water.

Step 9: Wala!

you can now customize the inside! have fun hiding from your friends!
morNuN make an instructable about it the cause' the wheat farm would look so muck better!
wouldn't you be able to make just a 1x1 hole 3 blocks deep and don't have undesired looks searching something?
This is pretty cool!

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