How to Make a Legit Secret Base Part 2!





Introduction: How to Make a Legit Secret Base Part 2!

today i will show you how to make a wheat farm hidden base! please check out my other instructables! also, dont forget to follow,favorite,share or comment!

Step 1: Materials:

dirt,ladder,water,wheat seeds,hoe,and bonemeal!

Step 2: This Is the Finished Model

the ladders stop the water from dropping, making an air bubble inside!

Step 3:

dig a 2 by 2 hole 3 blocks deep

Step 4:

add ladders to 2 facing walls of your choice.

Step 5:

add water and hoe the surrounding dirt.

Step 6:

put down seeds on each hoed block

Step 7:

grow them with the bonemeal.

Step 8: Inside Look

to get in, simply sink into the water.

Step 9: Wala!

you can now customize the inside! have fun hiding from your friends!



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Questions & Answers


morNuN make an instructable about it the cause' the wheat farm would look so muck better!

wouldn't you be able to make just a 1x1 hole 3 blocks deep and don't have undesired looks searching something?