Picture of how to make a lego chaingun
in this instructable, i will be showing you how to make a badass little machine gun for one of your innocent lego minifigures. it is super quick and easy to do, and if you have the right peices, and enough of em', you could create an army of chaingun toting legos capable of mowing down anyone that gets in their way, be it droid, alien, or unsuspecting passerby, in no time
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Step 1: What you'll need

Picture of what you'll need
 to make the chaingun, you are going to need 6 common, easy-to-acquire parts that almost everyone with lego has. they are:

the black droid gun that comes with almost every lego star wars set (top left)
the smaller peice next to it, which we will call the right angle piece
the 1x1 piece with the tube on the top
the + shaped piece with a lego stud on the top (bottom left)
the circular piece that slips over the + shaped thing
and finally, the slimmer version of the above mentioned piece.

Step 2: Putting the pieces together

Picture of putting the pieces together
blobbletoob 002.jpg
 assemble the droid gun and the 1x1 piece with the tube as shown in the picture.
also, take a look at the second picture and put together the + shaped piece, and the two pieces that go over it, just like i did.

Step 3: The last piece

Picture of the last piece
 this is the step in which we see where the "right angle" piece goes. take a look at the picture, it speaks for itself, but just in case, it goes on the side of the tube. this is the handle your lego man will be holding when he goes on his gory (or bricky) massacre of innocent, unsuspecting legos. also, click the lego stud end of the + shaped piece into the bottom of the 1x1 piece with a tube

Step 4: Hideous massacre, here I come!

Picture of hideous massacre, here I come!
blobbletoob 005.jpg
 hurrah! your minifigure now has his very own mini lego chaingun, and is ready to unleash a lethal hail of bullets at the drop of a hat. please comment if you have any questions (or comments) and i will try my best to answer them.
freezerboy62011 months ago
This is awesome but this is mine
13, 8:13 PM.jpg
USAcalc1 year ago
dude!! that is sick anyway like mccoy u could use stop-motion software to be able to do short film clips that would be awsome!!
then put all of the clips together to make a short movie!!!!!!
dude u listen to me and u could become famous and known from the whole of the country u live in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and thats ok if u do u dont need to give me credit if u dont want to!!
You know you should look into stop-motion. with something like that it could turn out pretty freakin' awesome. By the way, red clay and red paint make really good lego gore XD. Oh, and did I mention, your chain gun is totally sick.
One. (author)  the_real_mccoy_2 years ago
Thanks, bro :D I tried stop motion but I wasn't very good at it. I guess I just didn't have proper gear like a tripod and stuff
Love this thang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :{)
Pretty neat, But checkout my version of a minigun.
legominigun 002.JPG
holy crap
One. (author)  Matrix-technician3 years ago
nice! ima build it
I put a clip on it an mounted it on a square- awesome.
I would have put in a link but idk how.=)
mebuildgunz4 years ago
ive built the gun 3 times i love it wonderfulization dud :-<)
seabananers4 years ago
if you add a stud peice in between the megaphone and the other handle he can hold both handles
One. (author)  seabananers4 years ago
yeah, I have changed it since then
CaseBoy4 years ago
 I made a insane sniper for the mini figures it is a little big but it looks amazing!!!
There's actually a way to do this without the weird piece involved-just stick the right angle on the end of the droid gun part. looks better and makes it easier to pose in a way that would actually look right if one was wielding a portable minigun, which, I remind you, does not really exist for various reasons, most of them involving the fact that most people don't like having their bones powdered by the weapon they're firing.
One. (author)  mettaurlover4 years ago
 yeah, I have to admit that tripod mounted miniguns are better ; )
matrix8284 years ago
nice idea!
simple but brilliant!
5* and faved!

I like it a lot. Now I can mow down my friends in lego wars!

look at how to make a lazer rifle
MattySmith4 years ago
very good
knexgeeks4 years ago
it looks more like a mini gun lol

Agreed. Still looks pretty sweet, though.
TigerNod4 years ago
Neat, 3.5.