this is my second instructable so I hope you like it.
Ha ha spy gear scope! great work.
soory my huge cross bow wont be posted my little brother destroyed it befor i could post so sorry about that ill see what i can do
That thing is HUGE!!!
the cross bow below has six pullies
im going to post this
Very Epic! I wish I can make One But I don't have some of the correct lego pecies And It looks very hard. But I made A Epic Sling shot Out Of lego. And Mine's Can Fold And It can be carryed in pocket. I hope you make More good Stuff and Tell Us how to make them.
Could you use the thin lego wheel peices to make one of the pulley style crossbows? They're awesome! (So is this one by the way =)
ya ill work on one for you
now i REALY want legos no joke
In about a week
when do you think your pistol will be out masterchief1257???????
you need to supersize this then i bet it would REALY powerful
I would so recomend this to my friends wicked
Im working on a pistle
I made this thing it is awsome
pretty cool
hey this is simple and it looks pretty cool i wish i had legos : ( lol
this can shoot any were from 50 to 60 feet

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