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the m1 thompson (A.K.A tommy gun or s.m.g) was the most popular U.S submachinegun of WWII. it was used by all ranks and proved handy in battle. intesead of wasting $1 dallor on brick arms....... just make one! 

Step 1: The Parts........plastic Parts

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here are the things you will need................

Step 2: Fist and Last..............

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attach the hook to the rifle............ your done!!!!!!!!

Step 3:

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ta da !!!!!!!!!!!! DONE ALREADY!!!!!!!


Jedi_man (author)2011-07-26

Stormtrooper! :P

Steam Powered (author)2010-07-09

WWII was from 1941 to 1945 for america, they had the round drum, but it was not standard Military spec, the clip was, as more could be carried, in tighter spaces, such as pouches

i meant 1950s. that was a tipo. the british used the round drum, and then america adopted it by 1950( but i typed 1920 on acedent). it was comonly used in the gangster and drug wars.

1950s lol tommy guns haha you know nothing little kid , tommy gun is just a nickname for thompson smg it can have round drum and a stick magazine there only 2 variations of the thompson one the earlier with different iron sights , compensator , forward handle grip and top side cocking mechanism , the second had cqc iron sights , forward block grip , no flash compensator and a side cocking mechanism yet there still both called a tommy gun because there both thompsons dumbass

charming, but has much as i hate to do it, i will ask you to stop comenting on my instructables

the 1950s lol gangsters and the prohibition era were in the 1920s and the thompson was created by john.thompson an american and the gangsters used it in the 1920s in america jesus kid get ur facts right the british only ever got there hands on them because they brought them from america

i thank you for your kind words. but do me a favor, do NOT say jesus like that.
i am a christ and am proud of it. i am sure you are just a fat jerk who has no life. pick on someone else.

bob the slob (author)2011-07-23

i am sick of this fighting. i was 8 when i posted this. i now know the
m1a1 tomposn was a american SMG (sub machine gun) used during WWII
(1939-1945) it had a flat clip and was used in the europen theatre and the pacific theater. i also know thompson are somtimes called tommys but are not . tommys are british. the are nearly the same design but with a round drum and a front grip. we have established that now.

seabananers (author)2010-07-21

but thompsons have a straight one

Actually,tommys and Thompsons are the same,and they have both drums and magazines

right, but they look slightly defrent. during wwii the birtsh mainly used tommys, and the americans mainly used thompsons.


ok, you think that and i will think this.

abadfart (author)bob the slob2011-07-15

the Thompson was nick named the Tommy gun and it came with a stick mag but there were drums available for them

lukewilliams010 (author)2011-07-14

thats whats he said idiot cant you read he said "for america" total dumbass

moocowdog (author)2010-06-22

good job.

bob the slob (author)moocowdog2010-08-10


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