This is my first instructable, so please go easy on me.

This instructable is pretty easy to do, and lets you display your lego-ness.

All you need is :

1) a Lego mini fig
2) a small linked necklace chain (the kind with a clasp)
a 18 inch long piece of string that you like (cant be too thick)

Step 1: Get the Lego Minifig Ready to Go

Okay, take your lego minifig and tell him that you are going to turn him into a necklace

once you are done that, position his arms straight in front of him

stick your thumb in between his arms, and push either way to pop his arms off
U could do put his arm back but it might be a little hard to bit I think it wood look better
you could take him apart and drill a hole in his head then you could put a head pin through him and form a loop at the top to put the thread through.i love the idea :D
or do what i did, just find a small eye screw and drill it through his/her hair an into the head then thread a chain through
Ah, my lego man wouldn't work<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/community/To-Kill-A-lego-Man/">https://www.instructables.com/community/To-Kill-A-lego-Man/</a><br/>
or you could drill through his arms
I'm going to do it with lego bricks
Thats a good idea me too
cool! i'm gonna go make one
oh! that is really cool!
I like! :D<br/>I think I will do one LEGO necklace to my littlesister<sup></sup><br/>
i like it :) in fact im gonna make one right now!
Thanks for publishing. This tutorial looks good, but needs pictures to really shine on the site. What tends to happen is that instructables without pictures get lost in the crowd and don't see many hits. I've unpublished this instructable for now. Would you mind getting pictures of the process (if it's really difficult, you can find pictures that fit well enough on Google and use them) and resubmitting after you've edited them in?

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