How to Make a Lego Wii Remote



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Introduction: How to Make a Lego Wii Remote

i used a real wii remote and copied it with lego

Step 1: The Pieces

see through blue dot element 1x
red dot element 3x
dark grey dot element 3x
light grey dot element 2x
black dot element 1x
white 1x1 handle 2x
white inner clips 2x
white tiny tooth 4x
white small lampshade 1x
white 2x4 curved brick 2x
black 2x4 brick 1x
white 2x4 brick 2x
white 2x3 brick 2x
white 1x6 brick 2x
white 1x4 brick 3x
white 1x6 plate 2x
white 2x6 plate 3x
white 2x8 plate 2x
white 4x4 plate 1x
white 4x8 plate 1x
white 2x2 brick 5x

Step 2: The Bottom and Button B

Step 3: The Middle and Black Thingy

Step 4: The Top and Rest of Buttons



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    if anyone wants to make it work and give me credit that would be fine

    I know how to make it work. I just taped my Wii remote ontop of it. Works like a charm!

    thanks. if I manage to get the things to make it work I will do it and if I can, post an instructable

    That would rock :)