Introduction: How to Make a Light Emiting Christmas Tree

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ok so today i'm feeling a bit happy and i decided to help out other people with a little christmas spirit :)
Ok so first the parts: LED
2.a 4.5 V battery
3.a soldering iron
4.some extension cables
and were done with the parts list:)

Step 1: Wiring Everything Together

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so in this step the main thing is the wiring(also i will not show you how to build the paper christmas tree becouse its not my design you can find tons of them online).
so now solder the positive wire to the battery and do the same for the negative lead and then to the same thing on the LED bulb and you can also add a switch like me if you like but that is optional :).
next put the LED upwards so you could attach the tree

Step 2: Attaching the Tree

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this here is the final step so this is like the finish the easiest step
just attach the tree to your LED
i sure hope you've had a little fun with this nice project :) so i wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year! :D


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