How to Make a Lighter





Introduction: How to Make a Lighter

how to make a cheap fast lighter

Step 1: Materials

you will need:

one closepin

one match

one matchbox

Step 2: How to Make

take the matchbox and rip the lighter part off and fold in half.

Step 3: How to Make

put creased end into closepin front

Step 4: How to Make

put the match into the closepin as in picture.

Step 5: Light the Lighter

you should push on the front of the closepin and pull HARD!!! it might take a while for you to get the hang of it but youll get it hope this tutorial helped bye.



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    lame .........we could just strike a match stick instead.huh?????

    or you could pay under a dollar and buy a lighter... just a thought

    ya but this was the way for a kid to light something yet also kidproof

    We will blame you for all the future fires then.

     ok ill take 99.9% of the blame. the rest goes on bush

    The rest goes to Obama, since he is prez now. and WTF with da Nobel Peace Prize? He didn't do anything AMAZING. Just became president. I wish da commite could just take it away from him... Rejected...

     but your a kid.... and u used it.  this is kinda useless, unless you are making some kind of fuse lighter.... i might be able to find a use for this.

    oh yeah, and cameras have a "flash" setting.

     Or just strike the match?

    i have an idea for a lighter make a simple circuit with a battery and a light bulb and wire, the hit the bulb with a hammer and remove the glass the point is to get to the wire that creates the light. don't do this while the bulb is on. complete the circuit and light some paper or something. i haven't tried it yet.