How to Make a Linear Actuator





Introduction: How to Make a Linear Actuator

Linear actuators are machines that convert rotation or any motion into a push or a pull motion.

Here I am going to teach you how to make an electric linear actuator using household and hobby objects.

It is very very cheap

Step 1: Go Get the Stuff

All you need is a glue stick

A servo modified for continuous rotation or a geared motor with high torque (i used servos as i could control theiir motion)

Step 2: The Attachment.

Strongly attach the Servo horn and the bottom of the glue stick(the end we rotate to get the glue out).

Attach it strongly enough (STRONGLY STRONGLY).

Step 3: Finished

Now enjoy the cheapest linear actuator.

The principle is that when the servo rotates, it rotates the bottom of the glue stick. Now we all know what happens when we rotate the glue sticks end, it comes up or down depending upon angle of rotation. Easy isnt it , you could make hundreds of these.




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    Smart thought! super!

    would have been helpful if there was a video too. Anyways Great Work!!

    Yeah i will be adding a video, im just afraid to take apart my work-desk (i used it to push out a drawer), and it doesnt work as i fried a servo with the 3s lipo, but yes, ill try adding one ASAP.

    Let me know about any supposed flaws.

    Any problems let me know

    thanks glad you found it cool :)

    How can i lower the speed of motor?

    Also if i want the full control over motor what should be the steps?

    If you want full control over the actuator, attach a switch to the mobile part, then test it by integrating the switch. if you are still unhappy use a potentiometer to control the servo by using the knob example.

    Great idea! Would be fab to see a video of it working.

    thanks a lot, yeah thought of adding a vid, will try in maybe a few weeks.