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well thats realy it, if you want another best buy thenleave a comment and ill add onto this instuctable. hope my trinity has helped you with youre movie skills, so this leaves me to say thankyou for reading, rate comments and subscribe if you want more. thanks again.
Does Action Essentials two include other editing options like cutting and adding music or is it just one of those programs you add on to your editing software?
you can only add the fx
Thanks for all the good info. This is good stuff.<br /> <br /> For video editing, I discovered kdenlive which is an open-source project. This will run on Mac too. For Windows, there is a DVD / USB special boot that still allows access to the Windows hard-drive.<br /> <br /> All I can tell you is kdenlive runs great on Ubuntu.<br /> <br /> Jim<br />
thanks, i tried out kdenlive and it has some great effects but i would rather use the effects and then publish them into something like movie maker than replace it with a editing software you feel comfortable with. i dont use ubuntu, i used to but if always been a windows user. thanx again and i will include that software id i make another instructable or i might use it in this one. thanx alot o all i can say now is comment rate subscribe and be shore to check out my other instructables

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