i love the moon and all the other planets and have always wanted an orrery.

they are very expencive so i thought i would make one , then i realised i didnt know how to do that.

i worked out i could make a lunarium.

This is how i did it.

Step 1: Materials and Tools.

Materials -

- clock
- brass tubes
- earth and moon (mine was a set of marbles that had a mars too but i didnt want mars in there)
- plastic
- glass dome
- card
- solder
- glue

tools -

- pliers
- lighter
- soldering iron
- knife
- clippers
<p>Nice, just don't forget that it is turning backwards.</p>
great idea
Wow! That's amazing! &gt;*.*&lt;
Cool! It's nice that you can get marbles that actually look like the earth and moon.
Cool project! I'm waiting for my daughter to be old enough (or rather have the kind of concentration required) for this kind of project. <br> <br>But wouldn't the moon take 12 hours for a complete circle? The mechanical clocks I know work like that, at least, but that does not say much.
Haha yes you are right 12 not 24. Sorry my mistake.
Using the clock movement was really clever. These would be awesome to make in school. :D

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