Step 1: Materials and tools.

Materials -

- clock
- brass tubes
- earth and moon (mine was a set of marbles that had a mars too but i didnt want mars in there)
- plastic
- glass dome
- card
- solder
- glue

tools -

- pliers
- lighter
- soldering iron
- knife
- clippers

Step 2: Step one.

Picture of step one.
photo 5b.JPG
remove the hands from the clock.

the clock i had is one of theos battery ones that the hands come off easily so you can make your own clock.

i used the pliers to pull the centre mount from the hands.

keep the mount and discard the hands.
al mizzi9 months ago
great idea
MicioGatta1 year ago
Wow! That's amazing! >*.*<
ChrysN1 year ago
Cool! It's nice that you can get marbles that actually look like the earth and moon.
Thergox1 year ago
Cool project! I'm waiting for my daughter to be old enough (or rather have the kind of concentration required) for this kind of project.

But wouldn't the moon take 12 hours for a complete circle? The mechanical clocks I know work like that, at least, but that does not say much.
backwards lamb (author)  Dominic Bender1 year ago
Haha yes you are right 12 not 24. Sorry my mistake.
Using the clock movement was really clever. These would be awesome to make in school. :D