In this ible I wil show you how to make a macrame bracelet. The macrame bracelet is easy to make and looks good.

Step 1: Items You Need Are...

1, length of cord 2 feet long.
1, length of cord 4 feet long.
1, role of tape.
1, pair of scissors
and 1 small bracelet clip.
you get better weaves if you use a thicker and round wire/cord like 550 <br>
Ya I know this was the only cord I had so I had to do it with this stuff but I'm going to probably change the pics with thicker cord the stuff I had was actually a thin plastic that was flat on both sides. Thanks for the info on that I will come check out your ibles.
yea i just got 200 feet of 550 cord and im going to make a belt
good luck<br>
heres the start <br>its going to be 50&quot; long
you should make it thiker <br>

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