How to Make a Mask More Comfortable With Sellotape.



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Introduction: How to Make a Mask More Comfortable With Sellotape.

This Instructables shows you how to make a uncomfortable mask a little more comfortable :)

Step 1: Materials.

First you need to get sellotape and your mask.

Step 2: Roll Up Your Sellotape So That Your Unibrow Does Not Get Waxed(just Messing :)

Roll up the sellotape so that the sticky side is to the mask and facing away from your face.You can add as much sellotape as you like.

Step 3: Done!

Add the sellotape anywere that feels uncomfortable(apart for the eyes,mouth or nose.)

Step 4: Update!!!!

In the comments seamster said instead of sellotape you could use foam,cotton or fabric.



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    I didn't have any cotton or anything like that so I used some tape .Foam or cotton is a brilliant idea thanks.