Picture of how to make a mini Da Vinci catapult
This is an instructable on how to make a mini Da Vinci catapult. It may look difficult but it really isn't.


Step 1: You will need:

Picture of you will need:

This is pretty cool..
camogirl482 years ago
I love the Da Vicni Catapult. Great design. Say did you do the imageing on your back tile? I really like it
swisel (author)  camogirl482 years ago
yes, I did!
crol swisel2 years ago
By any chance did you do another instructable on tiles ?
WYE_Lance2 years ago
This is a neat design! Thanks for bringing a breath of fresh air to the world of desktop catapults.
polar bear62 years ago
pinnekjøttpinner? this is blasphemy!
Kiteman2 years ago
Oh, I'd love to see a video of it in action!
swisel (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
yes i will soon post a video. But every time i am trying to upload it, it comes out error
Kiteman swisel2 years ago
Don't upload it here, upload it to YouTube and then *embed* it here.
swisel (author)  Kiteman2 years ago