When I shot the potato it went 20 feet.

If you need any help, leave a comment.

Step 1: Materials

Empty pill bottle
Hair spray
Knife or drill
And the most important thing of all,
A potato or an apple. My first time to make one I used a apple.

Step 2: Take the Pen Apart.

Take the pen apart (only keep the tube). 

Step 3: Drilling the Hole.

Once you're done drilling the holes, insert the tube.
If you need a picture, look at the first picture.

Step 4: Bullets.

Step 5: The Propellant.

Step 6: Lighting It.

<p>do you know the size drill bit. And can you explain how to fire it</p>
<p>do you just place the match in the hole</p>
<p>hi dude!!!!! =) can u explain me how to load it????? i didn't understand it</p>
Hey Im Confused About Step 4?????
Push the pen tube in the potato then pull out at an angle
its good but maybe you should use a spark instead of a mach :D
I made one a year ago but i used a bbq lighter. but I did not use one this time because I did not have one with.
ok<br>sorry :)<br>

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