Introduction: How to Make a Mini Trebuchet Catapult

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Hi in this instructable I will be showing you an awesome way to make a trebuchet. 

Step 1: You Will Need:

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Step 2: The Base

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If you have seen some of my previous instructables you should now know that i always start wit the base. Cut two pieces of wood in half. Put one of them away. Now glue them on to two other sticks. Two in the front and one at the back.

Step 3:

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Take four new pieces and cut them down to 21cm (8.3inches) and glue rhem right on where they belong, as a triangle. Glue on the excess bits as support. Repeat for the opposite side. Drill a hole for the top of each. cut your skewer to size and  check if it fits. ( DO NOT GLUE IT YET)

Step 4: The Swingarm

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Grab one more wood piece and drill two holes at the bottom as shown. You can now slide the skewer trough the top hole and attach it.

Step 5: Adding Weight

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Get your old sock and cut off the bottom of it. Dont cut too little. Remember that you can always trim it down later. Fill it up with small sized stones. The weight really depends on how many stones you have and how far you want it  to go. Tie it up with your string. Poke holes in each sides over the knot. Put a new piece of string trough them and tie them to the bottom hole.

Step 6:

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Mesure out 2cm cut it in half so that you get two 1cm long bits. Fasten them on to the arm and drill a hole at the end.

Step 7:

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Paperclip. That says it all. Straighten it out and bend it in half. Use the shape in the picture and make it look as close as it as possible. Glue it in the hole.

Step 8:

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Screw in the eye hook screws.

Step 9: Just Look at the Picture.

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Make grooves near the paperclip. Attach a 26.5cm (10.4 inches) long piece of thread around the grooves. Take the excess of the sock and cut yourself a small rectangular piece. Pierce two holes and force the thread in one hole and cut another one the almost same length as the last.(a little shorter). Make a loop and you are ready to go.

Step 10: Have Fun!!

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Make a ball of aluminum foil. This will be your ammo. Put your loop over the paperclip. Put your ammo in the sock piece. Pull it all the way back and put the skewer through the screws. Now pull it out in a fast motion and... BOOM


buildinglikeaboss (author)2016-02-28

going to try this for a physics project-just wondering how tall/wide it will be after assembled and how far you can shoot stuff

nattttttttt (author)2015-02-27

jonathan.chambless (author)2015-02-22

So I have tried using a hot glue gun on the wood but I'm finding it not holding very well, what about Locktite super glue or another type of quick drying glue are there better options out there?

well, I just wanted to make a quick catapult, and decided to use hot glue. But if you want something that holds for a long time, you could either use screws, or some type of wood glue. And super glue sounds like a great option as well. There are also other types of glue that holds well, like gorilla glue.

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