Picture of how to make a mini wooden crossbow
hi, this is my first instructable, so if you notice some mistakes, please respond. In this instructable i will be showing you how to make a powerful, small wooden crossbow out of stuff that should not be too hard to find.
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Step 1: You will need:

Picture of you will need:

Step 2:

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Take two of your skewers and cut off the sharp tips. Tape them together about 1 cm.(0,3 inches) from the ends. Now, tie your wire to one end, bend it and tie it to the other end.

Step 3: The body

Picture of the body
Hot glue your two pieces of wood together. Glue and tape your bow on the body.

Step 4: Arrow suports

Picture of arrow suports
For this part you are going to bring up those last two skewers. That is just what you will need for this. Cut them down to about the same length as the body (little shorter). Try to glue them close to each other without touching.

Step 5: The trigger

Picture of the trigger
Pick up your wooden clothespin and drag the bottom off. We are only going to need the part with the steel thing on. Cut off as much as you can from both sides ( but no more than i did here) ( we are doing this so we can put on the trigger). Then make a groove 6,5cm(ca.2,5 inches) from the back end and ca. 0,5 cm deep ( 0,2inches). Clip on the clothespin.

Step 6: Arrow

Picture of arrow
Its your choice now, you can make your arrow out of almost anything. i made mine out of a skewer. You can use the rest of the arrow holder. Just put some masking tape on the back of the arrow and then cut to this > shape. 

Step 7:

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Now have fun and remember to be careful. NEVER point it at anything living!!!! This is extremely powerful! it is a fun toy to bring to work or school. You can even bring it in your pocket just put your T-shirt over. Also check out my other instructable on how to make an awesome catapult designed by Da Vinci!
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DavidPeterWatson made it!5 days ago

This was really fun and quick. Used a hacksaw blade instead, but don't think it shoots as fast, might swap it out for original sewer sticks. Used an elastic band to hold the bow to the end of the shaft with a cross over configuration. Works very well.

thermallyme2 months ago

Thats useful...

mvillalpando10 months ago

Good job on the Instructable. When I was younger we used to use the clothes pins for trigger mechanisms as well. One of the ways that we would add extra strength to the clothes pin from ever becoming too loose, where it would misfire due to the lack of enough tension being used to hold the shooting in place and secure, was to add an extra few rubber bands tied to the front of the clothes pin. Since the entire neighborhood got in to the Cops and Robbers games we would changed the rubber bands quite frequently in order to keep them in top shape. For munition back then we would use soda bottle caps that we would smash with a hammer and cause them to be flat, just like discs. Needless to say, after a few kids almost lost eyes, all parents banded and took all of our weapons away. Those were some of my most fun and memorable childhood memories! I will admit that they were quite dangerous, but there was never true malice in trying to hurt anyone, we were just living life and being kids. I recall one of my friends building a huge 2" x 4" x 36" toy, we called that one the Bazooka. One day, while we were playing Army Soldiers, I happened to be on the opposing team, when my friend Oscar spotted me behind some tall shrubs that I was using as concealment. Oscar let his disc fly! This thing was so powerful, that it sliced straight through all the plant's leaves the disc impaled itself like a quarter of the way in to the center of my stomach! As he yelled happily, "I got you, I got you, I got you!" I yelled back, all while quickly pulling out the disc in order to hide the evidence, "Naw, You MISSED ME!" Years would go by before I told him that he really did get me! Good old memories living in the streets of Los Angeles, CA.

swisel (author)  mvillalpando10 months ago

thank you! And thank you for taking your time to write this comment :) Sounded like your childhood was awesome!

Its fascinating

Thats stunning...

Its fascinating

mousepaper1 year ago

Thats awesome


Thank you for sharing.

fastbobble1 year ago

Thats phenomenal.

gorgeddamp1 year ago

Thats excellent...

Its astounding

illrings1 year ago

Its remarkable :)

airbugger1 year ago

Its wonderful

Thats fascinating

headlymph1 year ago


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Really good



gazumpglue1 year ago

Great Job! Congrats on your first Instructable!

Gamer Guy1 year ago
Great Job! Congrats on your first Instructable!
1 thing though. I wouldn't reccomend it at school, so teachers can be a little oversensitive, and this may get you sent to the principal's office if you shoot it. Could be considered a "weapon." Just ranking above paperclips and staples.
swisel (author)  Gamer Guy1 year ago
Thanks!! And yeah you are right, it shouldn´t be brought to school, it was a kind of joke.
Yeah I got the joke, sometimes others don't, didn't want anyone getting in trouble and trying to blame you. Awesome job!!!
swisel (author)  Gamer Guy1 year ago
haha! Thanks!
swisel (author)  Janeska Malan1 year ago
Nice. Hope you two have fun.
swisel (author)  Janice Venter1 year ago
Thank you! I do love to comment back on good comments!
swisel (author)  sheepishbarber1 year ago
swisel (author)  dartlolly1 year ago
thank you! ;)
swisel (author)  potatopencil1 year ago
thank you, it really means a lot to me! :)
swisel (author)  WesZemel1 year ago
Thank you so much!
It looks so easy to make, have to try this one out.
swisel (author)  Mariska Botha1 year ago
It really is!! Have fun!
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