Picture of make a motor very easily
today i am going to show how to make a motor very easily.for this you may not need more than ordinary things.its easy and great for scientific classes and experiments.

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Step 1: Ingredients needed

Picture of ingredients needed
the things you will need are given below:
1)copper wire roll(my one looks seriously dirty!)
2)aa battery
3)two paper clip
4)a small piece of wood for the base

tools needed:
2)a scissor
3)a sand paper

Step 2: Watch the video of the motor in action!

Step 3: Making the coil for the motor

Picture of making the coil for the motor
now take a roll of copper wire.Leaving some extra wire on the end  start coilling the wire around the battery or  any round thing.Coil the wire 20 times and leave some extra space at the end take the coil out carefully.

Step 4: Making the coil for the motor part 2

Picture of making the coil for the motor part 2
make a knot around the coil with the extra wire on each side. You may even use tape to hold them together

Step 5: Making the coil for motor part 3(the dark magic occurs here!)

Picture of making the coil for motor part 3(the dark magic occurs here!)
Now with sand paper fully remove the insulation of one end of wire.some things are hard to exress through words .so better see the hand drawn on the end remove half of insulation of the wire cillyndrically.

Step 6:

Picture of
now take the two paper clips and straighten them using pliers.if they have insulation on them remove bend them as shown in the picture.

Step 7: Making the base

Picture of making the base
now take wooden base.making two holes on each side measuring the distance of the legs of the put the legs of paper clips in those holes and probably glue them

Step 8: Setting everything up!

Picture of setting everything up!
now take the copper wire coil that we made and put it through the loops of the paper put a or probably 2 magnets under the add a wire to each paper clip and put the wires on the will start to spin.if it does not then give it a push and it will start to spin.

oh and watch the video
ErmalS2 months ago

Very cool!!

Awesome !!
argha halder (author)  sahaab noor1 year ago

thanks a lot!

Going to choose this in my science fair coz i like it!
dsur1 year ago

I have some small recommendations. Fist using horseshoe-shaped magnet is good. And use some small disbalance weight, which oriented wire circle, when there is no electric power.

argha halder (author)  dsur1 year ago

thanks for the idea! Doing some experimenting with that idea right now........

so naive , do not give ur address and phone number publicly . hope u understand
earlyflyer1 year ago
Nice! We will try it. In the US, look for "magnet wire", which is coated/insulated. Uncoated wire will get really hot!
argha halder (author)  earlyflyer1 year ago
Thanks for the words and suggestion!oh i did not use uncoated wire by the way .
We built it tonight. Works great! See it here:
argha halder (author)  earlyflyer1 year ago
have fun!
tsmith1061 year ago
This is cool! I'm going to build this with my son.
argha halder (author)  tsmith1061 year ago
hope your son likes it!good luck
argha halder (author) 1 year ago
If you like it please vote me in the contests.
mahesh_jo1 year ago
Argha Nice work!
If not wrong, I think you belong to west bengal or assam
argha halder (author)  mahesh_jo1 year ago
Sorry.almost correct.i am from bangladesh
Oh thanks for your words!
Congrats , your ible got featured kiddo! keep up with your great works :)
argha halder (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz1 year ago
thanks for reminding me.i am very happy as it is my first featured ible!
thanks for sharing. thats really cool. :)
argha halder (author)  craftychameleon1 year ago
thanks to you too!