Today I am going to show how to make a motor very easily. For this you may not need more than ordinary things. It is easy and great for scientific classes and experiments.

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Step 1: Ingredients Needed

The things you will need are given below:
1)Copper wire roll(my one looks seriously dirty!)
2)AA battery
3)Two paper clip
4)A small piece of wood for the base

Tools needed:
2)A scissor
3)A sand paper

<p>what is the guage of the wire</p>
how do i get the magnet wire or that wire u are using? please help i tried to make it but i cant get off the coating from regular wires
<p>well done argha.u have gr8 thinking capacity.even though being b.tech student i find your experiments very relevent.</p>
<p>Thanks!! And also the High school that I go to is named B.Tech high school!</p><p>( Brooklyn technical high school).. What a co incidence! Anyway, its my pleasure if you enjoyed my projects...</p>
<p>How many volts can it generate?</p>
<p>Magnificent! A couple of hundred years ago, you'd have good chances for getting burned on a stake for witchcraft. :-)</p><p>Fortunately mankind has evolved a little bit since those days. </p><p>Though, don't overestimate the range of that evolution - it's almost negligible...</p>
<p>Thanks, and yeah, good thing that other inventors laid foundations during their ages that now people wouldn't get burned for witchcraft.</p>
<p>i dont know why, feeling excited seeing a Bangladeshi in this site .... </p><p>great job done mr. Argha ... </p>
<p>Thanks! It makes me excited too seeing other Bangladeshis on this site! Tigers will reach everywhere on the planet!</p>
<p>Very cool!!</p>
Awesome !!
<p>thanks a lot!</p>
Going to choose this in my science fair coz i like it!
<p>I have some small recommendations. Fist using horseshoe-shaped magnet is good. And use some small disbalance weight, which oriented wire circle, when there is no electric power.</p>
<p>thanks for the idea! Doing some experimenting with that idea right now........</p>
so naive , do not give ur address and phone number publicly . hope u understand
Nice! We will try it. In the US, look for "magnet wire", which is coated/insulated. Uncoated wire will get really hot!
Thanks for the words and suggestion!oh i did not use uncoated wire by the way .
We built it tonight. Works great! See it here: <br>http://youtu.be/jO-prd16LEU
have fun!
This is cool! I'm going to build this with my son.
hope your son likes it!good luck
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Argha Nice work! <br>If not wrong, I think you belong to west bengal or assam
Sorry.almost correct.i am from bangladesh<br>Oh thanks for your words!
Congrats , your ible got featured kiddo! keep up with your great works :)
thanks for reminding me.i am very happy as it is my first featured ible!
thanks for sharing. thats really cool. :)
thanks to you too!

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