Introduction: How to Make a Movie Countdown Animation Using Lego

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I was making a lego video and i wanted to make a countdown like in old movies, so i decided to make one using lego so here is how you to can do it using stop-motion animation.

Step 1: Making the Number Three

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Here's how to get started:
  1. Assemble the wall using white blocks and make the number using red blocks. Notice that the red blocks are embedded in the wall.
  2. Please follow the pictures to see exactly how I completed each frame.
  3. There were 22 frames in total. You could use more or less. 22 frames works out to roughly 1 second depending on the frame rate that you choose.

Step 2: Making the Number Two

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to is more difficult because of the bends both ways but it only takes a bit more time so just look at the pictures closely and be patient.

Step 3: Making the Number One

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Number 1 is by far the easiest because there are no curves in the number and it is the easiest to make look really good

Step 4: Touch Ups

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Ideas to make it look better
-have a frame of black Lego wall and a frame of white Lego wall in between each number
-using whatever video editing software you have, manipulate the run time of each number so that it is 1 second
-and if you left a little extra space on the sides of your pictures like i did you could add an old camera reel effect.
here is it with sound

and here is the edited version

I hope you enjoy and find this useful. Show your friends and leave your responses in the comment section below and have fun making your own Lego countdown. 


Darperooni (author)2014-01-28

Super idea, just dont have the bricks :S

Subdood (author)2014-01-03

COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! I will do that for my lego stop motion!

thing 2 (author)2013-01-10

Oohw, nice idea. I might have to use this and make a black and white film. :D

johannschmidt (author)thing 22013-01-11


mikeasaurus (author)2012-11-29

That's a need effect

thank you

Swaggington (author)2012-11-29

Great job, thanks for letting me use it in my animation's intro.

you are welcome

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