Introduction: How to Make a Multmeter Test Probe From a Pen and a Rivet

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when I was cleaning my workshop I found my multmeter, but it was missing a test probe, so I decided to build my own.

Step 1: Materials and Tools.

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all you need is an old pen (the best is one like mine), a rivet with sharpen point and electrical tape.
the tools are only hot glue gun and a plier.

Step 2: Preparing the Rivet and the Pen

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first, disassemble the pen and the rivet.
to disassemble the rivet,secure the outide part using the plier and kick it into someting

Step 3: Assembling the Test Probe

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first, tie the multmeter's wire in the inside part of the rivet, after insert the rivet and the wire in the pen until reach the desired lenght and glue it, after wrap all in electrical tape. once you've done advance to step 4

Step 4: You're Done

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congratulations, you just made your multmeter test probe.
electrical tape-0.00€


ultimut cat (author)2012-08-23

it looks like you took the pictures under water

it's my cell phone's camera fault

oh i wouldnt know im only 11

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