this is what it will be. it is made quite easily.

Step 1: Pieces

you will need:

1 rubber band small
4-6 longshot darts

Step 2: First Thing

take your rubber band and make it an 8. bend the 8 and make it a small circle.

Step 3: What to Do Now

and this is it.

Step 4: How to Fire

pull the rubber band to the tip of darts and throw
it`s clip system darts not longshot other than that awesom
Can you use sticky darts or do you have to use stream darts<br>
il try it
So you just copy other people's ideas.
NO NO NO NO. You should just quit doing instructables.
your annoying
You're actually
actually ur kinects instrucatbles are pretty annoying
I don't have any kinect 'Ibles. <br>You mean K'NEX? How are they?
I ment K'NEX, <br>but, <br>they are pretty cool if you think about it. <br>The only thing that annoys me is that they always break unless you don't cover them in duct tape, <br>try another material =)
dont talk to me
I have the right to talk to you.
seems like it
This looks so much like another by racerboy217. Whats the difference? <br>
no difference...
less darts

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