Picture of how to make a ninja mask
how to go under cover in under 60 seconds (with practice)
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Step 1:

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take a t shirt and look through the head hole

Step 2:

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now take the sleeves and tie them behind ur head

Step 3:

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now make any adjustments you need to make it look better
Not bad and I have a tip:
Use a tighter shirt the you will look more like a ninja and less like a desert nomad or terrorist.
Wat did he say???
okoshima4 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
yea you should have done the black pants samurai instead
seabananers (author)  Ward_Nox4 years ago
how do you do that?
 okoshima,You're a jerk. I looked at this instructable, and it was very helpful. others I have looked at weren't as clear. I immediately made one, and snuck outside to scare my brother. Great Job, dartmaulrocks583!!!! 
seabananers (author)  hawkfrost644 years ago
thx dude