obstacle avoiding robot with i.r obstacle detector and motor driver.

Step 1: Things We Need

we need :-
1 one gared dc mortor
2 one old smart phone old flip cover
3 glue
4 some wires
5 obstacle dector circuit
6 mortor driver
7 wheel of toy

Step 2: First Make the Working Body.

first fix the wheel and gare and motor as in pics above

Step 3: Making Fix the Circuit and Remaning Parts and Body

now make the remaning parts of robot at stated in photo.
then connect the +ve and -ve of of obstacle dector circuit to battery +ve and -ve terminsl of battery
then connect the +ve of motor wih +ve of battery and -ve of battery with output of obstacle detector. now your robot is ready .when a obstacle or wall come in front of ir sensor the motor starts and it go away from obstacle

Step 4: Fix

Step 5: Watch My Videos on My Youtube Channel and Subiscribe It Https://youtu.be/yy8zBjx3S4g Https://youtu.be/GKzwKs-L4qs Https://youtu.be/gBCVz8T-g9s Https://youtu.be/u14tm3A8S28 Https://youtu.be/OoyDJ_zGOC8 Https://youtu.be/c18z2sCPyR8

you can watch its vedio on given link


Step 6:

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