How to Make a Paintball Mine





Introduction: How to Make a Paintball Mine

hey all you scenario and woodsball paintballers this ones for you!
We all now that paintball mines are difficult to find and cost like 40 bucks for one of them. Well heres how to make 10-15 reuseable paintball mines for under 10 bucks.

Step 1: Supplies

3/4 in pvc pipe- you will need about 5 1/2 in. for every mine you plan to make
duct tape
rubber band- you will need to have 1 rubber band for every two mines you plan to make
12g co2 cylinder-1 for every mine you plan to make
a nail or screw that can reach from above top of pvc to top of co2 cylinder

not shown
plastic sandwich baggie
orange tape
dark woodsey colored spray paint

Step 2: Cutting Down

first we will need to cut off a 5 1/2 in. peice of pvc pipe.
then we will wrap in tape and tape 1 of the open ends

Step 3: Fitting the Co2 Cylinder

now we will take the plastic baggie and cut it down the middle from top to bottom.
then put the co2 cylinder in, so that the top of the cylinder is facing the open end of the baggie.
next tape the sides of the bagge closed to make a small clyindrical baggie.
next put the baggie with the co2 in it, into the pvc. you will notice about 1/4 of an inch or so sticking out of the bag, you can either leave it or tape it down to the top of the pvc.

Step 4: The Rubber Band and Pushpin

now cut the rubber band in half and tape one end to the pvc.
then put the pushpin (screw or nail) and put it pointy end down on the co2, pull the rubber band over the top and tape down on the other side of pvc.
you want it to be tight enough to hold the screw down but not puncture the co2
also you may want to use a wall screw (screw with a big ring at the top) so that the ring will keep the screw from falling off the top of the co2

Step 5:

to load the mine you will need to make some paint or buy some. here is a link on how to make some that works with these mines and paint grenades that i will post about later
but to fill it you will need to pour through a funnel into the top of the baggie

Step 6: Done

now your done, you can use these for scenario or woodsball, even airsoft but you have to make a different way to load the bb's wich i am working on right now.
lastly i want to say that i am in no way responsible if you or a friend get a nail stuck in their leg from using this (but thats what the rubber band is for) and if your that worried you can always tie some fishing line to the screw and then the pvc.
Anyways thanks everyone and have fun!!



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also known as "the second least responsible thing you can do with a C02 cartridge" (well.....probably like the 10th or so really...but...second that doesn't involve explosives). this is basically making a nail gun at best or cartridge
launcher at worst.

as for the's actually kind of  hard to follow. your pictures don't really depict the steps very well, and the instructions aren't very clear either.

it probably is one of the least responsible things u can do with a CO2 canister but who cares its a awesome idea

well i have used it before in paintball and it is actually safer than you think, much more safe than the co2 mortar, or co2 rpg i have seen somepeople make, and as for the ible i took the pics before i made the ible, the pics where taken a few months ago and my camera is at the bottom of a lake right now so i couldn't take new pics. so i was stuck with the pics i had. sorry if it was hard to follow message me if you have any questions

oh, i don't have any questions....we always used mouse traps and paint filled condoms (or balloons....and usually filled with house paint because it's more humorous)

"safer" than a home made mortar or RPG is a slightly meaningless reference point.

oh well on the safer part and i have used the mouse traps for airsoft but have found them unreliable

you could also put a little bit of glue on top of the screw i think

actually thats a pretty good idea. i can't beleive i never thought of it. thanks for sharing dude

ummm... how does it work? are you supposed to step on it?