Introduction: How to Make a Paper Dog

today i am going to show you how to make a paper dog. enjoy.

Step 1: Fold Paper to Make a Triangle.

Step 2: Next Fold the Paper Like I Did to Make the Ears.

Step 3: Now Folow the Picture for the Eyes.

Step 4: Final Step.

you can put dots on the dog or u can keep it clean any way u desire.

Step 5: And There U Have It a Paper Dog.

enjoy your paper craft.!


hellmaster993 (author)2012-08-06

so how much longer until you get your p.h.d certificate?

hellmaster993 (author)2012-08-06

yeah, it took me some time to make a project , and i didn't know what to make so i chose this. what about you?. and yes i like dalmatians. PS was it easy to follow my instructions on making it.?

lllshreelll (author)2012-08-01

So you are back! How is life?

lllshreelll (author)lllshreelll2012-08-01

You like dalmatians!

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