Step 1: Ok

ok this is how to make a paper gun that actually shoots bbs!! yah bbs its sick!!
I am going to try and make a paper gun that shoots rubber bands.
Is that a Fender Stratocaster Guitar? Also, you could make the tube with a hammer style action to fire the BBs out the end and have it as a pull back and let go to fire.
some day i will,idont know when but it will be soon
lol its just a blowgun
exactly <br>
im trying very hard :.( ... meany lol <br>
dude learn to spell
dude gosh im sirry jk.lol yah im working on it but i cant <br>think <br>
dude sorry but it kinda sucks i made it and it dosnt work very good try to make one that shoots without someone blowing it

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